Maj 28, 2019

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NUA Public is a complex basin set dedicated to public spaces like hotels, shopping centers, health centers, hospitals and public toilets. The project was designed by Anna Pach-Rudnicka, Anna Woźniakowska and Paweł Lasota.

NUA Public consists of an oval ceramic bowl, a long, subtle mirror, a touchless tap and a minimalistic cabinet that is easy to keep clean. The set was designed to be consistent, useful and helping to hide unaesthetic hydraulic parts.

NUA solves the problem of choosing a set from various elements so customer can save time, limit costs and get finished product in a short time. The design has many different finishes, that is why it fits perfectly into any bathroom style. Additionally, the set can be equipped with a soap dispenser or a towel rack. The next version of the project is the NUA Home Set dedicated to individual clients and private spaces.