Czerwiec 1, 2013



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Urban bike whose frame is made of plywood. Its main advantage is the aesthetic value that meets with all the functional requirements and functional product. The bike has been designed for city driving, through the use of suitable components that provide the security control. The specific geometry of the frame, allows to maintain a simple, comfortable body position. The steering wheel is bent in the “shape of a swallow” in the direction parallel to the drive, which “forces” on the rider upright posture. This makes it more visible on the road and has the ability to rotate from side to side while driving. The structure is reinforced with steel elements, which also give the whole look and unparalleled elegance. The bike meets all safety standards because it was equipped with a horn, warning lights front and rear, as well as two types of brakes, pedal (torpedo type) and on the steering wheel (handle brake). In the former case, they are reliable in bad weather conditions and above all for the body during city driving when the cyclist wishes to signal the intention to hand twist. The bike is also equipped with internal planetary derailleur, which provide the ability to change gears at a standstill